Our Story

Uncork The Quirk is a home decor and accessory brand that specializes in handmade cork boards, push pins, cork coasters, and magnetic wine glass charms. It was founded in 2016 by a husband and wife team - Kate and Travis. Currently, it is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Uncork The Quirk's story started with beautiful wine-themed decor made with wine corks. The shop has evolved and now turns everyday items, such as cork boards and coasters, into fun and meaningful accessories.

We hope that every item purchased from Uncork The Quirk will bring new stories and memories to be cherished forever.


On a more personal note:

Hi! We are Kate and Travis! We love traveling the world and drinking its unique wines. We have been lucky enough to experience a few different adventures. Here is a photo from a Denmark pit stop while we were on our way to Sweden:

denmark lake

A winery visit in beautiful Australia:

australia winery

Our love for wine led to us collecting wine corks for our wedding. Our family and friends began saving wine corks for us too, and soon enough we had enough wine corks to not only decorate our wedding venue and home but also to start the Uncork The Quirk shop!

Now we can share our love for wine through handmade gifts, decor, drinkware and barware.

Thanks for visiting Uncork The Quirk and we hope you find something you love from the products we are passionate about!