Unique Gift Ideas for Men

gift ideas for men


Buying gifts for men can be a pretty fun task because they usually are not as picky about what they receive. Sometimes it can still be hard to come up with unique ideas, so we have come up with a few to help you!


For the Handymen

magnetic wristband


Magnetic Wristband  //  $12.99 (in August of 2017; price may change)


This magnetic wristband is like having a third hand! We like this because it will help keep screws and nails off the floor, especially the garage floor. The handyman can stay more organized when working with this wristband.


For Beer & Soap Lovers


blue moon soap 


Blue Moon Citrus Soap // $5


This is such a unique soap, especially for a man! If your man doesn't like Blue Moon beer, there are other options available. And yes, the Blue Moon beer is actually an ingredient in this soap!


For Dog Lovers




Dog Cork Coasters // $11


Most men like having a dog as their best friend and they would love to have coasters to remind them of that friend! These coasters will work in any kind of decor, whether it's an office, living room, or a man cave.


For the Outdoorsman


outdoor survival crate


Outdoor Survival Crate // $119.99


If your man loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, backpacking, or anything of that sort, then he will love opening this crate full of outdoor survival items. It's a wooden crate that's nailed shut. You need a crowbar to open it, which is such a fun idea!


For the Cook and/or Handyman


butane torch gift for men


Micro Butane Torch  //  $23.99 (in August of 2017; price may change)


This butane torch can be used in lots of different ways! It's a kitchen tool - anyone like creme brûlée? It can be used for glazing and melting cheese. It can also be used for brazing. AND it can be used to start bonfires and grills. There are many more ways to use this torch, the list could go on and on!


Do you have any unique gift ideas for men that you have found? Let us know in the comments!

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