Gift Ideas for Teachers

An apple for your teacher …

Mrs. Bates. Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Lancaster. Mrs. Sanders. Coach Kilpatrick. Coach Barlow. Mrs. Yearty. Mr. Thompson. Mr. Libby. Mrs. Crider. Ms. Sewell. Mr. Turknett. Dr. Faircloth.

In the first 12 years of my education career, I had a host of teachers – some were more likable than others. Some of my teachers I would rather have given a dead mouse to as a gift than the cutesy teacher appreciation gifts my mom made me take during all the holidays and at the end of the year.

Don’t judge. You probably felt the same way at times. Those very teachers were probably tired of all the soaps, lotions, candles, candies, food and coffee mugs they got as gifts from all of us. I remember one teacher had a closet in his classroom and that is where he put all the non-edible gifts he had received over the years. Poor man probably had 100 pen and pencil sets.

If you are like my mom, you might have put some serious thought into the gifts – though I think one time she re-gifted something to my math teacher. A typical parent - my mother wanted to make sure whatever gift we gave to a teacher was creative and something that would be of use.

One year after hearing that my ninth grade Spanish teacher would punish the boys by kissing them on the cheek with her ‘ruby red lipstick,’ my mom gave Mrs. McCammon a gift certificate to Avon.

A lot of times, Mom ran out of ideas. With that in mind, at ‘Uncork the Quirk,’ we have taken the stress out of teacher gift giving. How? We have a variety of specialty gifts for the teacher in your life.

Take a look at our apple-shaped cork board. This unique cork board will add a decorative touch to any room even if nothing is pinned to it. It’s a traditional gift idea with a modern twist – an apple but in a new way! The apple cork board is cut out with a scroll saw and then a cardboard backing is attached to provide support when hanging it.

Another cool idea would be our set of apple cork coasters. Another traditional idea with a modern twist. Teachers need coasters for their desks, right? Why not give them apple shaped coasters? I’m sure they would get a kick out of that!

The coasters are made 100% out of cork, making them environmentally friendly and perfect for protecting furniture from moisture.

The apple-shaped cork board and apple cork coasters work for multiple occasions – not just as teacher gifts. Decorating for a New York theme, perhaps?

If the apple cork board or apple coasters don’t fit what you have in mind for your teacher, we have boocoodles of other unique handmade gift items. Check out more coasters and more cork boards!

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