Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

The Cork and The Cat ...

Anyone who lives with a cat knows that a cat is not owned. No, cats choose to live with you. Cats also rule the roost – not the humans.

Dogs in a house with a cat know the rules – the cat is the king or queen, and the dog is the court jester. It is just the nature of things.

At Uncork the Quirk, we have paid homage to the cats who have passed through and are in our lives now with our magnetic cat lover wine charms and our cat cork coasters.

The Magnetic Cat Lover Wine Charms come in a set of six silver charms – perfect for marking your glasses – especially the stemless ones. Each charm is attached to a magnet – which has another magnet that attaches through the glass. Simply slide the magnets up to remove from your glass. The six different designs include 1) the words ‘cat person’ with a paw print, 2) a cat face, 3) a paw print, 4) a cat, 5) I <3 my cat and 6) a heart with paw prints.

And if those don’t just make your cat purr, then we have our cat cork coasters - two different sets! These quirky cat cork coasters can be used at home or the office, or would make a great gift for the crazy cat lady in your life. (Even if it is you!)

The coasters are cut by hand using a scroll saw and utilize a dense cork material. We do not coat the coasters with any kind of finish because the cork absorbs water naturally.

One of our cat cork coaster designs includes four coasters in the shape of a cat’s body. The second design includes four coasters in the shape of a cat's cute head.

The coasters are naturally resistant to mold and mildew, which make them great for protecting your furniture from your hot or cold drinks. Cork is also environmentally friendly because no trees are cut down during the production of cork. Only the bark is used for production. Your cat can still climb all the trees she or he wants to.

Here's another idea - you need a base for a small house plant in your house or office to protect the furniture? Use one of our coasters. The plant could also be used as camouflage for the cat as he or she plans his or her next pounce attack on the dog or your shoes.

If you really want to make your cat happy, and after all, isn’t that what your purpose in life is? Give a gift that he or she will approve of! Our charms and coasters are truly the cat’s meow!


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